“Tried the G-Pro Edge grip during a lesson with Mike Shannon. I was amazed at how well it worked for me. The first time I’ve ever seen a demonstrable difference with just a change in the putter grip.”
John P.

“I’ve never had so many one-putts in a round of golf until I started using the G-Pro Edge.”
David L.

“I consider myself a good putter, but the Garsen G-Pro makes me a GREAT putter!”
Carmen J.

“I have so much more confidence in my putting since I started using this grip, and because of this it makes me a better player all around!”
Marsha M.

“BRILLANT! What took so long!?”
Mike S.

“This grip is amazing! The more I use it, the better it feels.”
Jason A.

“It’s been a long time since anything this good has come along in the golf market.”
Ray B.

“Since I installed the G-Pro Edge on my putter, I’ve been making putts from everywhere on the green. It’s great!”
Carol I.

“Putting has always been an issue for me. The G-Pro Edge has taken away my “yips.” It should be called YIPS-BE-GONE!
George D.

“It’s amazing how quickly you adapt to the G-Pro Edge and it immediately improves your putting. It’s like magic!”
Sandra Z.

“The G-Pro Edge has done more for my game than any other golf product has in 20 years.”
Bernard D.